Rincon Connector Dec 1

Bike(Path OPENS @ 3pm on Friday 8-22 and is ridden by CIBC on Sat. 8-23)
La Conchita 101 Bike Path.

This section will connect to new bike path on the ocean side of highway 101 from Mobil Pier Road to Bates Road.

Bike Path Opens 8-23-14 CIBC celebrates Bike Path opening
Graded slope of bike connectorrebar columns

Progress Mar 29, 2013

graded slope and rebar columns

John B. took these early photos.

Progress May 5

Caissons set in bored holes with one dug down to expose concrete base.


Friday Pizza party
Headwalls formed

Progress May 15

Sonotubes placed at top of caissons.


Progress June-3

Caissons completed, Headwalls formed at ends and 2 intermediate supports formed.


La Purisimo mission

Dinner at Alisal Grill

Progress June 24

Subgrade completed, Intermediate supports poured, caissons and headwalls complete.

It appears that path will be about 18" thick and self supported like a bridge.

Progress July 10

Trench dug and most of rebar placed for wall on freeway side of bike path.

Rincon Bike Path Connector 7-10-13

Rincon Bike Path progress 7-30-13

Progress July 30

Concrete placed in footing section of wall on freeway side. Base of concrete placed under path. Lot's of rebar placed in first and third section of 120 feet to piers. Bottom portion has 17 pieces of 1 1/4" rebar on 12' path.

Progress Aug 10

Concrete poured to 18" thick on both ends of ramp. Plastic covers concrete to slow surface curing. Steel placed in center section. Forms for retaining wall on freeway side on-site.

Progress on bike ramp on Aug 10th
Rincon bike connector as of Aug 17th

Progress Aug 17th

Concrete on bottom complete!
Starting to form for freeway side retaining wall with pattern.

Progress Aug 25th

Lower portion of retaining wall has concrete poured and covered with the center part being formed.

Rincon Bike connector on Aug 25th
Rincon connector photo

Progress Sept 3

Lower 2/3 of retaining wall poured and upper 1/3 formed.

Progress Sept. 15

Retaining Wall completed and look great!! With an ocean wave pattern.

retaining wall with ocean wave pattern.
Bike Path Connector

Progress Nov. 3rd

Soil removed under ocean side= now a viaduct! Low curb on ocean side with bolt connectors for a railing? Filling in to wall on highway side. Grading for transition path to Mobil Oil Pier Road.

Progress Dec. 1st

Drain above wall completed. Slope Completed. Transition path to Mobil Oil Rd. Completed. Only final cleaning of path and Railing remain to be completed.

Rincon Connector Dec 1
Railing image

Completed Dec. 10th

It looks fantastic with a great wave pattern on the railing.

Progress Feb. 25, 2014
John Cinati visited the Pedestrian Undercrossing @ La Conchita and sent in some photos. It is so narrow because it is squeezed in space between pipelines on the left and railroad right-o-way on the right.
Pedestrian Undercrossing
Bates Road Bike Lane

Progress April 13,2014

About 1/4 mile of divider from traffic, asphalt paving, oceanside retaining wall and outer railing completed.

Progress May 25, 2014

Concrete foundation for guard rail on left completed to La Conchita. Grading for bike lane and ocean side barrier progressing. Rebar for barrier in place below Mussels Shoals to Mobil Oil Pier.

Graded bike path below Bates Rd.
Rincon Bike path showing concrete piers to support railing

Progress June 15, 2014

Concrete piers to support railing on ocean side in process of completion(about 1/3 of the way to La Conchita)

Progress July 10, 2014

Amazing Progress!!
Ocean side of railing complete from Bates Rd. to La Conchita and halfway towards Mussel Shoals. Paving complete except for 300 yards by Mobil Oil Pier.
La Conchita undercrossing complete.

Ocean side of railing by L:a Conhchita
7-20-14 photo from southside of Mussel Shoals

Progress July 20, 2014
More Amazing Progress!!
Ocean side railing now complete to .24 mi from Mobil Oil Pier Exit. 5' deep retaining wall complete at south end, 65 railing piers remain to be completed. Freeway side railing now added for .7 mi in length(of 3.0 mi total)from Bates Rd. Entrance

Progress July 27, 2014Fantastic Progress!!
South end ready to be paved. All fence anchors now in place. Freeway side railing now complete for 2.1 miles(of 3.0 total). Fence complete with steel guard rail for .7 mile.
Ready to pave bike path
Bike path at Mussel Shoals blocked by man ;lift Progress July 29, 2014
South end now paved. Mussel Shoals area progressing slowly with decorative wall panels. Man lift blocks bike path as well as construction debris and materials.
Progress August 7. 2014
Fence and Guard Rail Virtually complete from Bates Rd. to Mussel Shoals. Decorative Wall Panels in sound walls at Mussell Shoals either completed or formed up. Fencing going up south of Mussel Shoals.
Rincon Bike Path 8-7-14 by Mussell Shoals

Rincon Bike Lane 8-14,2014

Progress August 14, 2014Asphalt curb placed at south end of Bike Lane. All but 120 ft. of Oceanside Railing in place. Light white outside lines and yellow intermittent striping in center placed. Posts for freeway side railing loosely placed.

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updated on August 24, 2014

This is part of 101 HOV/Carpool/Bike Lane project CIBC attended on 4-30-12.

101 carpool Groundbreaking

VC Star article is here

Caltrans HOV/ Bike Lane Proposal is here.

Caltrans 101 HOV website here.